Puppy Bootcamp

So you’ve brought home your new puppy – congratulations! You’ve just embarked on one of the most fulfilling and rewarding chapters a person can experience in a lifetime.

But now what?

How to do we turn this bundle of boundless energy into a well-adjusted, confident and happy member of our family?

Sometimes we make the mistake of thinking that our puppy will automatically know how to greet other dogs or where and when to go to the toilet when in fact, this responsibility falls down to us as the owner.

I can help you:

  • Socialise your puppy the right way
  • Toilet train
  • Crate train
  • Learn how to begin teaching basic obedience such as the sit, down, wait and place
  • Learn how to begin lead walking and teaching a heel
  • Discuss possible nutrition options available to your pup
  • Show your pup that new experiences are something to be enjoyed and not feared

And much, much more!

How It Works

In my personal experience, puppy group training classes can prove extremely distracting to a young puppy and sometimes detrimental to their learning experience. I provide a personal one to one approach and visit you and your new puppy in the comfort of your own home. All family members are welcome during the initial meet and greet and I encourage plenty of questions!

During our first session we will go through all of the do’s and don’ts of raising a puppy and your goals with training. I will then create a bespoke training program tailored to your goals and carry out ongoing weekly sessions with you and your puppy.

Free email and phone support is also offered in-between sessions.

To book or find out more simply contact me via the form on this website, any of my social media or by giving me a call.


“Happiness is a warm puppy.” – Charles M. Schulz

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